Atlantic Ocean Road – Drive on Europe’s most beautiful road

Located in the midwest part of the Norwegian coast, the Atlantic Ocean Road (Atlanterhavsvegen in Norwegian) is one of the most scenic drives in the world. Driving along this road is like crossing the sea. It is built on several small islands, which are connected by several causeways and bridges (the most famous being Storseisundet Bridge). The road turns and passes over the wildContinue reading “Atlantic Ocean Road – Drive on Europe’s most beautiful road”

Jacobite – The Harry Potter steam train

The Hogwarts Express of the Harry Potter films really exists in the Highlands of Scotland. When Warner Bros were producing the films, they approached West Coast Railways in an effort to find a steam engine suitable for the magical journeys of Harry Potter. They used the Jacobite steam train, which became world-famous and the 42-mileContinue reading “Jacobite – The Harry Potter steam train”

Seborga – Discover the village that claims independence

Seborga is a small town in the region of Liguria in Italy, near the French border. It has 300 inhabitants and its main economic activities are tourism and agriculture. In the early 1960s, Giorgio Carbone, then head of the village’s flower-growers co-operative, began promoting the idea that Seborga should retain its historic independence as a principato,Continue reading “Seborga – Discover the village that claims independence”

Keukenhof – The flower garden of Europe

Tulips from Netherlands are world famous. If you want to see the Dutch tulip fields in bloom, you should visit the country in April and May. This is the same period in which the biggest flower park in the world, Keukenhof, opens its doors to welcome every year almost 1.5 million visitors, who come here toContinue reading “Keukenhof – The flower garden of Europe”

Faroe Islands – The “hobbit” village really exists

The Faroe Islands are in the North Atlantic Ocean, located 320 km northwest of Scotland, halfway between Norway and Iceland. They are an autonomous territory within the Kingdom of Denmark. The Islands are a natural paradise with a scenery that will leave you breathless. On these islands there are houses looking a lot like the “hobbit” village from “Lord of Rings”, which areContinue reading “Faroe Islands – The “hobbit” village really exists”

Exploring the Dragon House of Athens

The most famous dragon houses (drakospita / δρακόσπιτα) in Greece are the Dragon Houses of South Evia. Dragon houses are generally made of square and elongated stones, which are placed on top of each other, without other binders and are held only by their weight. The gaps are filled with other smaller stones. The roofContinue reading “Exploring the Dragon House of Athens”

Iera Odos – Following the sacred road of Ancient Athens

Iera Odos (Sacred Road / Ιερά Οδός in Greek) was in ancient times the road that connected the city of Athens with Eleusis / Elefsina (Ελευσίς / Ελευσίνα), where once a year the famous (but still unexplained about their exact character) Eleusinian Mysteries (Ελευσίνια Μυστήρια) were performed. Iera Odos was 22 km long, starting fromContinue reading “Iera Odos – Following the sacred road of Ancient Athens”

The John Lennon Wall in Prague

The historic centre of Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is one of the most popular destinations in Europe due to its unique architecture and cultural significance. However, there is a wall in the area of the Mala Strana that has become famous and attracts more visitors every year. It is called “the JohnContinue reading “The John Lennon Wall in Prague”

Trace the footsteps of Picasso in Barcelona

Born in Malaga, Pablo Ruiz Picasso came to Barcelona in 1894 at the age of thirteen because his father had been hired as a teacher at Llotja, the city’s School of Fine Arts. Picasso, although a teenager, as a child prodigy, studied in Llotja. In Barcelona he would become a man, mature artistically and leaveContinue reading “Trace the footsteps of Picasso in Barcelona”

Revealing more secrets sights in Athenian suburbs

The great acceptance of our article “Revealing secrets sights in Athenian suburbs“, gave us the inspiration to search even more and find new unknown (to most) sights in the suburbs of Athens. As we have mentioned and in our previous post although we sometimes know the existence of these places, we are not always awareContinue reading “Revealing more secrets sights in Athenian suburbs”