5 small European towns to put on your bucket list

While traveling around Europe and visiting famous cities and attractions, we sometimes neglect to visit towns that are real hidden gems. And they are these towns that could offer us a more authentic and unique experience. Here are 5 of our favourite smaller European towns that are certainly worth a visit : Galaxidi (Greece) :Continue reading “5 small European towns to put on your bucket list”

4 must-do day trips from Lisbon

After our article about Lisbon, we are going to suggest four memorable day trips which can be easily done by car. We excluded Sintra, with the beautiful and fairytale Palacio Nacional da Pena, because it is a world famous town and every traveller visiting Lisbon has it already in his/her itinerary. So, hire a carContinue reading “4 must-do day trips from Lisbon”

8 things to do if you’ re visiting Lisbon for the first time…

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is a beautiful city. Bathed in the sunlight and the breeze of the Atlantic Ocean, it is a city of many faces and secrets. Old, new, tradition, innovation, happiness, nostalgia, sadness, culture, fun, taste all are blended in a unique way that creates a unique city. Here are 8 thingsContinue reading “8 things to do if you’ re visiting Lisbon for the first time…”