A virtual visit to 6 unique European squares

Small but unique European squares… Squares are an integral part of a city and are usually the focus of its daily life. A city or a village is often characterised by the beauty of its squares. In this article we revisit six of our favorite smaller squares in Europe, which are often overshadowed by largerContinue reading “A virtual visit to 6 unique European squares”

5 small European towns to put on your bucket list

While traveling around Europe and visiting famous cities and attractions, we sometimes neglect to visit towns that are real hidden gems. And they are these towns that could offer us a more authentic and unique experience. Here are 5 of our favourite smaller European towns that are certainly worth a visit : Galaxidi (Greece) :Continue reading “5 small European towns to put on your bucket list”

La Montecarlo : More than just a pizzeria in Rome

Everyone visiting or planning to visit Rome, the capital of Italy, it is almost certain that he will search for the best pizza in town. At the top 5 of every search, he will come across the name “La Montecarlo”. Located at number 13 of Vicolo Savelli Street, close to Piazza Navona- one of theContinue reading “La Montecarlo : More than just a pizzeria in Rome”

Nemi – The strawberry village

If you are in Rome (Italy), probably the best and easiest day trip you could make is to visit Castelli Romani. Just 20 km southeast of the Eternal City begins the gentle climb through the forests of Coli Albani to the 13 Castelli Romani villages. The mountain is actually the long-extinct Volcano Laziale, which hasContinue reading “Nemi – The strawberry village”