Trace the footsteps of Picasso in Barcelona

Born in Malaga, Pablo Ruiz Picasso came to Barcelona in 1894 at the age of thirteen because his father had been hired as a teacher at Llotja, the city’s School of Fine Arts. Picasso, although a teenager, as a child prodigy, studied in Llotja. In Barcelona he would become a man, mature artistically and leaveContinue reading “Trace the footsteps of Picasso in Barcelona”

A virtual visit to 6 unique European squares

Small but unique European squares… Squares are an integral part of a city and are usually the focus of its daily life. A city or a village is often characterised by the beauty of its squares. In this article we revisit six of our favorite smaller squares in Europe, which are often overshadowed by largerContinue reading “A virtual visit to 6 unique European squares”

8 things to do if you’ re visiting Barcelona for the first time…

Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia in Spain, is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. A lively city, where the old and the new mingle in a unique way. Barcelona is hard to be described in just eight things but these eight things suggested here are a good start. 1. Τake an afternoonContinue reading “8 things to do if you’ re visiting Barcelona for the first time…”