Ancient Gortyna : The lost city of Arcadia

On the mountains of Arcadia in Peloponnese, near Stemnitsa and in the valley of Lousios river (the river where the fairies bathed baby Zeus), lies the ancient city of Gortyna. A lost city that was brought to light again by the archaeologists in the 1940s. According to Greek Mythology the city was founded by theContinue reading “Ancient Gortyna : The lost city of Arcadia”

Road trip in the “Greek Alps” : Elati, Pertouli and beyond

Autumn has arrived and it is the perfect time for an excursion to the Greek mountains. The colours are wonderful and nature is preparing for the arrival of winter. In this article we are going to make a one-day road trip to Elati, Pertouli and the surrounding area on mountain Koziakas. We set as ourContinue reading “Road trip in the “Greek Alps” : Elati, Pertouli and beyond”