10 historic and spectacular Greek monasteries

The history of Greece is inextricably tied to the history of its monasteries. For most of the monasteries, the date of their foundation is lost in time. A monk who during his wandering found this place or a Byzantine lord who dedicated the monastery to his patron saint is among the stories you could hearContinue reading “10 historic and spectacular Greek monasteries”

6 villages and a monastery to reveal the beauty of Tinos

Tinos is a wonderful island in Kyklades. For years it was known only as the island of Panagia (Virgin Mary) and probably the most famous pilgrimage site for Her Celebration every August. The pilgrims came and left from the island but never visited anything beyond the famous church of Panagia. This fact helped the villagesContinue reading “6 villages and a monastery to reveal the beauty of Tinos”